Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor in the case of the 1994 terrorist attack on the Jewish headquarters in Buenos Aires, was found dead during the weekend in his home; apparently murdered.

The murder took place shortly before the congressional hearings where prosecutor Nisman was supposed to present evidence denouncing the involvement of President Cristina Kirchner, Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman, as well as others in a conspiracy aimed at absolving Iran from responsibility for the bombing.

According to Nisman, the idea of absolving Iran was motivated by the desire to solve the Argentinean   energy problem by cutting a deal with Iran involving “oil for grains”. Without absolving Iran such a deal could not have taken place.

Nisman found this evidence by listening to legally approved intercepted conversations.

Nisman listened to an agent of the Argentinean intelligence service who happened to be a member of the group “La Campora”, a militant pro-government group headed by Maximo Kirchner, son of the president.  This agent was the liaison to Iran and reported to the authorities of the Islamic Republic about an Argentinean plan to plant false evidence in order to accuse a right-wing group for the AMIA bombing. He is considered to be Ms. Kirchner’s favorite spy.

The liaison with Iran was also reinforced by Luis D’Elia, a rabid anti-Semite associated with the Kirchner government who attended seminars in Iran funded by the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. D’Elia developed strong relations with Iran including with Moshen Rabanni, the man believed to be the main person responsible for the AMIA bombing and who until this day continues to supervise a network of Hezbollah cells that operate in Brazil.

The idea to plant false evidence to implicate right-wing groups was inspired by Fernando Esteche, the leader of “Quebracho”, a very violent group that operates in Argentina and a vocal advocate of Iran and a rabid anti-Zionist.

Nisman was a hero, a man of great courage in a country where impunity prevails. Early in 2013, he exposed the presence of Hezbollah cells in 12 Latin American countries.  Mr. Nisman also has strong connections in the United States.

At this point, it is not clear who committed this horrible crime. It could have been ordered by the president, herself; by intelligence agents loyal to Kirchner; or by the Iranians.

Whatever the case, it is the Government of Cristina Kirchner that is responsible for this crime. President Kirchner needs to respond to the accusations raised by Mr. Nisman, even though he is now dead.

Under President Kirchner,Argentina has undergone a process of “Chavization”. It is becoming an authoritarian regime within a fragile 31-year-old democracy. Kirchner has confronted the legal system by trying to intimidate it.  Her government is anti-American, and very ideological.

I personally do not believe that normalizing relations with Iran was merely a matter of “solving an economic problem. It was also an ideological stand as the government, itself, sympathizes with Iran and its anti-Americanism.

Furthermore, the Argentinean government has condemned the war on terror, including the war against the Islamic State. Argentina also abstained from issuing a statement of condemnation after the terrorist attacks that took place in France on January 7 and 8 against a satirical French magazine and a kosher supermarket in Paris.

It is not expected that the Argentinean authorities will conduct a fair investigation as to who actually committed this crime which has already been made to look like a suicide. Impunity is likely to prevail. However, regardless of this, it is clear that the Argentinean government is a negligent accomplice of terrorism.

The U.S. should suspend visas to members of the Argentinean government (as well as other governments in Latin America, mainly ALBA countries and Brazil) and its security institutions as a means to apply pressure on the Argentinean government. The U.S. must work in coalition with Europe so that Argentinean leaders are considered persona non-grata.  Western countries must exercise pressure on Latin American countries to take these issues seriously and join the fight against terrorism. I discussed Latin America’s contempt for the terrorist threat in my last article (see

As I am writing these lines, the social networks are mobilizing the population in Argentina to carry out major protests. In my mind, they should demand no less than the resignation of the nefarious government of Cristina Kirchner.

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4 Responses to U.S. and Western Countries must isolate and sanction Argentinean leaders

  1. eugenio says:

    this is bullshit, full of lies, something from a crazy and insane mind

  2. Gaucho says:

    I will be surprised if this comment gets published but I’ll try it anyway.

    Mr Fleischman, just who the hell do you think you are ?
    Who gives you the right to even have the audacity to presume that you should request sanctions against Argentina ?

    Because you are a rabid USA imperialist neoliberal, you hold the belief that you and your blasted country (USA) have some sort of moral superiority to the rest of the world.
    I am writing this in order to set you straight and hope that some truth eventually enters your sadly underused cerebrum.

    Prosecutor Nisman delivered nearly 300 pages worth of an accusation against the current administration of Argentina’s federal government, the FPV political party. These nearly 300 pages have been made public for the whole world to see (you can download them in PDF format if you wish) by the judiciary power itself (i.e. : not the executive or the legislative).

    Nisman’s accusation was that the federal government of Argentina (currently administred by the FPV party) made a nefarious deal with Iran (with the assistance of certain individuals such as Luis D’Elia) in order to obtain crude petroleum. Nisman accusation states that Iran requested that the FPV give them food grains (such as wheat or soya) AND that the iranian individuals suspected of causing the AMIA bombing were removed from Interpol’s “red list” of arrests.

    Nisman’s accusation is completely and utterly baseless for the following reasons :

    a) Interpol has publicly confirmed that at no time did anyone from Argentina request to Interpol that the iranians be removed from the “red list”. Interpol has publicly also stated that, on the contrary, after Iran and Argentina signed the memorandum, Argentina reminded Interpol that signing the memorandum must NOT result in the removal of the names from the “red list”. The Argentinian goverment also reminded Interpol that the only person in the WHOLE WORLD that had the authority to request that those names be removed from the “red list” was judge Canicoba Corral (to whom prosecutor Nisman answered).
    This proves that Nisman’s accusation is baseless because Interpol would still not be able to remove names from the “red list” because nobody in the government is allowed to make such a request, only Nisman’s boss (judge Canicoba Corral) can do so and he has confirmed that at no point did he request for names to be removed from the “red list”.

    b) Argentina produces its own crude petroleum and thus it is highly unlikely to need to import it from anywhere else. If ever a situation arose where crude petroleum needed to be imported, it would likely do so from fellow Mercosur member Venezuela or other countries with which Argentina has petroleum treaties (NOT Iran).

    c) Argentina’s federal government does NOT grow, produce or sell food grain and related products. Only PRIVATE agricultrural business grow, produce and sell food grains in Argentina.
    This means that if Nisman’s accusation was true, at least one of these private companies would have been involved in the deal with Iran. No such company is mentioned by Nisman.

    d) The trade between Argentina and Iran (which is very small scale anyway) has actually DECREASED since the signing of the memorandum. If Nisman’s accusations were true, trade with Iran should have increased significantly.

    e) Certain persons mentioned by Nisman in his accusation as being employees of the SI (Argentina’s intelligence agency) ARE NOT and have never been employees of said agency. In fact, Nisman was warned by the SI’s chief (recently displaced from his position by the government) that at least one of the individuals mentioned by Nisman as being SI employees was a fraudster pretending to be a spy. Thus Nisman already knew, before making the accusation, that at least one of the individuals was NOT an SI employee.

    f) Other individuals mentioned by Nisman are indeed publicly known to be Iran sympathisers (such as D’Elia) but none of them are or have ever been federal goverment employees or federal public servants.

    g) Many of the recordings of intercepted alleged conversations between the individuals mentioned by Nisman had not been approved or authorised by his boss, judge Canicoba Corral. This means that the recordings are illegal and thus that their authenticity cannot be guaranteed in a court of law. By offering illegal recordings as evidence, Nisman has commited a felony.

    So Mr Fleischman, as you can see, Nisman’s accusation was pretty much worthless and would not have lasted five minutes if it ever went to trial. Nonetheless, because the accusation has been formally made and recorded, Nisman’s death DOES NOT make the accusation disappear. It will be picked up by another prosecutor and if it has any merit whatsoever (but it does not) it may result in a trial.

    Therefore, it serves no purpose whatsoever for the FPV to assassinate Nisman because his accusation would remain.
    Ask yourself some simple, common sense questions : Why on earth would the FPV (during an electoral year no less) have Nisman killed if the accusation legally remains after his death ?
    Would it not be far better to let Nisman start the trial and embarrass himself publicly in a court of law and have him make a laughing stock of himself with such a worthless and baseless accusation ?
    There was no need to assassinate him for real when he would have committed a metaphorical assassination of his own professional career by going to trial. The judiciary power itself would have likely removed him from his position and perhaps even prosecute him for providing illegal evidence.
    In fact, it was very much in the FPV’s interest for Nisman to be alive and well because such as baseless accusation would have given more electoral points in favor of the FPV, whereas killing him would take electoral points away from the FPV.
    The only important question to be answered about this terrible incident with Nisman is this : Who or what made Nisman present such ridiculous accusation that had no hope whatsoever of success ? If that question ever gets answered then we may even be able to elucidate why he died (regardless of whether it was suicide or murder).

    I will also add, so that you know, that the only purpose of the memorandum between Iran and Argentina was so that judge Canicoba Corral would be able to travel to Iran and interrogate the iranian suspects. That is all there is to this memorandum, nothing more, nothing less. And the reason for it is because under Argentinian law, a suspect cannot be brought to trial in absentia (i.e. : cannot be judged and convicted remotely). It is the ONLY feasible and legal method available for the judge to question the suspects.
    You see, unlike USAmerica, Argentina does not kidnapp suspects from the other side of the world and tortures them in off shore military bases. The only tim Argentina did things like that was under the dictatorship that USAmerica helped to place in power back in 1976, as USAmerica did with practically every single country in the American continent.

    Mr Fleischman, you reacted in the typical knee jerk, hypocritical, holier-than-thou attitude so common amongst many USAmericans (I won’t say “Americans” because Argentinians are also Americans).
    Your governments (past and present) preach the values of democracy and human rights and yet, this side of 1945, you have been by far and away the biggest and worst violators of democracy and human rights in the whole world.

    The organization you belong to has a slogan that says “Peace through strength”. Your organization’s goals include the reduction or elimination of any foreign influence from the USA. So you do not wish for your country to be influenced by others but have no qualms about meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.
    Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y Mr Fleischman ?

    As I said at the beginning of this discourse, who the hell do you think you are ? How dare you, Mr Fleischman ?
    What if the rest of the world had decided to call for sanctions against the USA back in 2000 when Bush Jr became president by commiting electoral fraud ? Would you have liked that ?
    What if the rest of the world called for sanctions against the USA for illegally invading Iraq or meddling in Afghanistan ? Would you have been happy ?
    What if the rest of the world called for sanctions against the USA for the illegal removal and transportation and torture of suspects, all over the world ? So much for “human rights” !
    Guess what Mr Fleischman, most of the rest of the world does not like, does not want and does not need the USA to meddle in their affairs, just as you don’t want others to meddle in your affairs. The main difference is that USAmerica’s affairs seem to involve and threaten everyone else, but most of the affairs in other countries pose no threat or influence whatsoever to USAmerica, and yet you still want to meddle.
    I have a new slogan for your organization Mr Fleischman – “PEACE THROUGH NON-MEDDLING”.

    Whilst I hold no candle for China, at least the Chinese are able to make commercial treaties with other countries without invading them, bombing them and removing democratically elected governments from power. USAmerica should learn from China on how to be a country that is big, strong and peaceful.
    Now show me that you truly believe in democracy and publish this in its entirety with no censorship or editing.

  3. Cliff says:

    You have a lot of time on your hands goocho. 200 million dead and the United States is “the biggest and worst violators of democracy and human rights in the whole world.” You kind of tipped your hand there. Sweet dreams red.

    • Gaucho says:

      Hello Cliff

      Do you mean the Chinese people that died due to Mao and other that followed him ?

      Yes, I agree. China has the worst human rights record (as far as we know) in human history AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE.

      If you had read my posting more carefully you would have realised that I said that I hold no candle to China.

      You would have also realised that my criticism regarding democracy and human rights abuses was directed at USAmerica because of what it did and does AGAINST PEOPLE OF OTHER COUNTRIES.
      Therefore, China is the worst abuser ever when it comes to abuses against its own people, but USAmerica is the worst abuser ever against non USAmericans (i.e. : the rest of the world).

      Besides, last time I checked, China does not go around telling everyone how virtuous and righteous it is and how it is a defender of democracy, freedom and human rights. But USAmerica does this. Hence it is disgustingly hypocritical.

      Just because I despise neoliberal/neoconservative capitalism does not mean I love communism. I also despise communism and all its stands for.
      Democratic regulated capitalism in its purest form is one of the best if not the best method in which to run a society.
      The exchange of products and services for money obtained via work or via other products and services, under a framework of appropriate and impartial government regulation is capitalism is its purest form. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      Such capitalism does not exist in the so called “western world”. Least of all in USAmerica.
      I will give you a hypothetical example of what I mean.

      Pure, regulated capitalism :

      Smith and Son, manufacturers of motor vehicles. They open up a factory in Happyville, Joystate, USAmerica.
      Municipal, State and Federal laws and regulations are followed (things such as fair wages, fair working hours, vacation, medical care, environmental care, etc.) Smith and Son know that the only way to run a stable and profitable business is for them to own 51% or more of the company and for the company to pay its staff a wage that allows them to purchase the cars they create. This means that the cars are priced reasonably high but still affordable. Although the initial profits are not particulalry good, eventually the profits increase and build up. Other companies in the area that manufacture other products have the same business model. Thus creating a virtuous economic cycle making Smith and Son and prosperous and stable long lasting business.

      Neoliberal capitalism :

      Jones and nephew, manufacturers of microcomputers. They close down the factory in USAmerica and open up a factory in Sadtown, Badprovince, China. They are allowed to do this by corrupt USAmerican politicians (municipal, State and Federal) that turn a blind eye in exchange for bribes and or electoral campaign financing.
      China has few, if any regulations to follow so Chinese staff are overworked, underpaid, have no vacation and no medical care (near slavery), the environment is polluted. 51% or more of the company is owned by greedy shareholders. They don’t care that by shutting down the factory they had in USAmerica, they made 1500 unemployed. Most other companies also have this business model and thus millions of USAmericans are unemployed. Initially the company makes large profits because the products are very cheap and very affordable but because few people have jobs, few people can buy the products unless they get into debt. Too much debt means bankruptcy and eventually this vicious economic cycle collapses and makes Jones and Nephew shut down for good.
      They made the mistake of allowing the greedy shareholders to forgo long term stability and prosperity for the sake of short and middle term high profits.

      So Cliff, do you see the difference ?

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